The Missouri Beer Festival is in it’s 11th year, and it’s more than simply sampling beer.  It’s about the art & science of an industry with passionate craftspeople.  It’s about friends and family sharing good times.  It’s about relaxing, enjoying some great live music and getting away from some of life’s tougher sides.  And after the last year living through a pandemic, it’s something we all need.

Oh, and it is about sampling beer.  You’ll be armed with your sampling glass furnished by Flat Branch Home Loans and you’ll visit each booth and take a taste of anything and everything they have.  Really like it?  Go back and get more!

This is the MBF’s first year outdoors, and we can’t imagine a better location than Cooper’s Landing along the Missouri River.  The event is RAIN OR SHINE, so if the forecast looks a little wet, bring an umbrella and/or a raincoat or poncho.

Parking is very limited at Cooper’s Landing, so please visit our Parking/Shuttles page to catch a free ride down to the river.

Designated Drivers are always encouraged and allowed into MBF at no charge.  Minors are also allowed and obviously cannot consume alcohol.

Dogs and other pets are NOT allowed at MBF but otherwise may be allowed at Cooper’s Landing outside our festival area.

Folding/bag chairs are allowed in the festival but may only be used in the designated areas.